Los Altos de Marbella



Nature picture


  • www.spanishnature.com Spanish Nature arrange seminars, holidays and day trips in Spain and further afield to view wild life. They also publish a regular newsletter.
  • www.u3a.es Social Group U3A for activities, including, lectures, debates, bird watching,walking and social meetings. Despite the name this Society is for all ages and nationalities.
  • Los Altos de Los Monteros has set up a joint sales unit operating from the Los Altos de Los Monteros office below the village.www.altosdelosmonteros.com or www.prestige-estates.com
  • You may also accesss information connected to Los Altos de Marbella ie expenses and accounts at any time (Owners will be issued with a user name and password shortly) at http://comunidades.gestoriabravo.es
  • Patronato web.
  • Marbella Town Hall