Los Altos de Marbella



Nature picture


2010 Damage.

Road destruction on route to the upper areas of Los Altos de Los Monteros.

David rues the boar!

Fire at the Tennis Court

Landslide on the back road to Marbella.

A rare event, the stream flowing in the Copse west of the Village.

Los Altos v Nature 2010.

We have included some of the photographs taken during the year. The most damage was caused by the excessive rain fall we had. One report stated this was 3 times the average ie:- 1200 liters per square metre. The cost incurred by Los Altos de Los Monteros was 147,000 €. There were of course benefits the flamingos at Fuente de Piedra returned in record numbers, the reservoirs in the Malaga Province are almost at full capacity even the stream in the copse west of the Village flowed. Then we were harassed by the wild boar. They have become a serious problem all along the coast particularly on the golf courses. One boar was seen in the early hours wandering along The Avenida Ricardo Soriano, whether it arrived at the other end is not recorded!

Our pool area was damaged and houses suffered the boars attentions, destroying gardens and planters. The gardens of Lolita and Lochlan and of Frank and David were the most affected as the animals returned every time repairs were made. It is reported, a lady with a frying pan in each hand, obviously looking for a fresh breakfast, was seen early one morning chasing the animals from her front door. The hunters were called but due to various laws they were unable to use guns, dogs were used instead. The drives took place in the evening, we were advised by the hunters this was the best time of day for this type of operation. Apparently they are just beginning to forage and are still in groups any time later the hunting is for sport. For those of you who wish to learn more there are sites on the internet both in Europe and the United States. There is also an association in Marbella.

The last event was a small fire at the Tennis Court, three fire engines and Police cars were quickly at the scene to douse it. Luckily this year there were very few other incidents of fire in our immediate area.