Los Altos de Marbella



Nature picture

President's notes.

Welcome to this, the first website to be opened for the small community of Los Altos de Marbella. The site is intended to provide background information about the village, its residents, its events and to provide notices of interest to the owners.
The object is to review and add to the information published on a regular basis and we would welcome contributions of any type (decent, of course!) from owners.
The format you see here will be extended with more pages in the coming months, not just on Los Altos itself, but on the surrounding areas, Marbella, Andalucia and nationally, if it impacts our residents.
The photographs used in the website have been provided by Pablo Gutiérrez of Casa 3, who is in the course of preparing a book of views of Los Altos. His skill as a photographer is obvious and we are grateful for his permission to use the images. We will of course keep readers up to date on the progress of the book and its likely publication date.
Much of the text has been provided by David Snook (Casa 19b), who has many years’ experience as a professional journalist and who has contributed the first of a series of Travelogs. We would be happy to publish others from owners on interesting aspects of the surrounding country. They should be forwarded to David at Snookoafc1@btinternet.com.
Many of our owners are skilled in the arts, perhaps as painters, writers, sculptors, the visual and graphic arts and may have travelled to exotic or unusual destinations. Their talents and their stories will have their place on this site. But so will the practical; we will report any travel problems between Marbella and the airport, such as significant road works or other stoppages.
You will also see some topics concerning decisions taken by your Board. The website will speed up the process of disseminating this information to owners. It won’t replace, for example, the bi-annual newsletter, but it will supplement it.
Read on. I hope that you enjoy our first efforts and we look forward to receiving your contributions.

Malcolm Kelsey, President.